Employment Services

Supporting Persons with Disabilities Achieve Their Career Goals

Columbia provides a full spectrum of employment services for adults with developmental disabilities, including preparation and placement phases for skill development. We offer community-based work experiences to help individuals gain exposure, acquire new skills, and enhance their marketability to potential employers.

Additionally, our follow-up phase supports individuals who are already employed by providing on-the-job assistance for position maintenance and improvement.

Employment Services is Funded by the Government of Alberta, Ministry of Seniors, Community and Social Servcies – Persons with Developmental Disabilities (PDD).

Services designed to provide employment advising, training, skills development, and follow-up support to promote long-term job sustainability.

Step 1: Preparation

We discover your interests and help you develop employment skills so you can do something you love.

Step 2: Placement

We help connect you with employers. Over 80% of individuals in our program secure employment.

Step 3: Sustainment

We offer support after you’re employed. Over 80% of individuals retain their positions after 3-month probation.

Personal Development

Employment Preparation

Interactive, Virtual Classes

Computer Basics

Job Placement

Job Search Support

Job Safety Training

Job Maintenance Support

On-the-job Assistance

One-on-one Meetings

Community Based Work Experience

Program Entry Requirements

The program is available to adults with developmental disabilities who are approved by the Persons with Developmental Disabilities (PDD) program and meet their criteria. For enrollment information please contact:

Dawn Moxley,

Team Leader, Employment Services Program

(403) 648-2257 | 1-888-235-9370

Finding Employment Success

Over 80% of participants who participate in our employment program secure competitive, independent employment. Individuals who complete a three-month probation period experience an 80% retention rate in their chosen field. Our services are designed to align with the unique interests of each student, offering a wide range of career paths. Graduates have successfully found employment in diverse fields such as childcare, automotive, pet care, janitorial services, food services, office support, and retail.

We help prepare individuals by developing the skills and knowledge necessary for obtaining employment. First we identify the individual’s strengths, interests, ideal working conditions, and capabilities. Individuals have the opportunity to participate in courses, at Columbia College Calgary, in personal development, computer basics, work-related academics, job maintenance, job search strategies, and job safety. We assist individuals in securing community-based work experience placements, where they can explore potential employment opportunities, develop skills, refine their vocational interests, and connect with prospective employers.

CSSD Course Descriptions

CSSD 101 Personal Development

The Personal Development course assists students in developing the personal and interpersonal skills necessary to secure and maintain competitive, independent employment and to become valued members of the community. Modules may include positive attitude, team building, self-esteem and self-confidence, assertiveness, values, decision-making, goal setting, problem solving, communication, motivation and initiative, leadership, interpersonal skills, honesty, dependability, grooming, hygiene and life skills, as well as other special interest topics.

CSSD 102 Computer Basics and Work Related Academics

The Computer Basics Course provides students with an introduction to computers, the Internet, Microsoft Windows, Word, Excel, PowerPoint, as well as reading skills, spelling skills, and mathematics skills.

CSSD 103 Job Maintenance

The Job Maintenance course provides students with the opportunity to discuss and explore issues, problems, concerns and challenges relating to and maintaining competitive, independent employment. Modules may include specific situations which arise in the workplace: dress code, punctuality and attendance, cooperation with supervisor, co-workers and the public, asking questions, resolving conflicts, accepting feedback, following instructions, time management, proper work habits and manners, stress management, discrimination, causes for dismissal, productivity, quality control, first day on the job.

CSSD 104 Work Experience

The purpose of this course is to provide each student with experience in his/her chosen occupation where he/she will have an opportunity to enhance skills, develop new skills, and explore the career he/she desires. Staff are responsible for marketing the student and securing each work experience placement based on goals outlined in the student’s Individual Service Plan. Staff provide individualized on-the-job training and follow-up support as required. Each work experience placement involves a formal agreement between Columbia College, the student/guardian and the employer.

CSSD 105 Job Search/Job Placement

The Job Search course assists the student with enhancing his/her awareness of the qualifications for a variety of jobs and effective methods for gaining competitive, independent employment. Modules in this course may include: skills assessment and identification, values clarification, job market research, resume writing, application forms, cover letters, networking, contacting employers, telephone skills, interview skills, informational interviews, follow-up calls and thank-you letters.

CSSD 106 Job Safety

This course will help students to be aware of risks that surround them every day and in their daily activities on the job. This course aims to provide information to ensure safety on the job, Alberta Health Standards and Occupational Health and Safety. Modules in this course may include personal safety management, fire safety, back care, ergonomics, first aid practice, hazards, WHIMS, job safety and the law, Worker’s Compensation Board, workplace injuries, personal protective equipment, duty to accommodate and crime prevention.

Graduation Requirements

Students are able to participate in graduation ceremonies if they have been successfully employed for 3 months and are still enrolled in Columbia College’s CSSD Employment Services.